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Personal Essays

Bridgerton’s South Asian representation taught me not to compromise because of my skin color
My Imperfect Life

And then along came Kate Sharma. The assertive, sharp, unbending, lovable, dark-skinned romantic lead who brought along with her all of the touches to my heritage that I’d never realized I missed in my everyday domain. Watching the character’s intense, honest, embodying love story as a single, (relatively) young South Asian woman, who deep down still believes in that wide-eyed notion of happily ever after, I was taken through an emotional journey that pulled on my layered self-identity and examined the ingrained relationship I have with my culture, my worth and my place in society.


Why 'One Tree Hill' will always be my place of comfort in difficult times
My Imperfect Life

Millennials—who grew up during a war on terror, graduated into a recession and adulted through dystopian-like politics, broken economies and a global climate crisis—grabbed onto this pure nugget of nostalgia, which gave us deliciously facetious high-school antics, honest and resonant relationships and just enough drama to create a vessel (or should I say time capsule) of escapism.

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